An eye-opening photography experience with Steve McCurry

Join us to visit Bangkok’s secret spots and rarely visited places along with one of the world’s most influential portrait and travel photographer, Steve McCurry.

We celebrate Thailand’s reopening to welcome visitors with a very special Steve McCurry workshop – an unforgettable experience which you’d bring home unique photos and a new way of photographing and traveling.

Christian Nørgaard
Better Moments founder & CEO

Steve showing his photos with a group of local tribes
Copyright: Steve McCurry ©

Thailand Photography Workshop
with Steve McCurry
Date: 12-20 February, 2023


There is always an excuse to visit Bangkok.  In a vibrant metropolis dotted with restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment, and cultural landmarks, it’s no surprise that people return again and again to soak up the atmosphere.  It is also a photographer’s paradise as many beautiful sceneries are set within the city – ancient temples, floating markets, stunning cityscapes, and smiling faces.

With so much to explore and photograph, it would be an eye-opening experience for you to join our Thailand Photography Workshop led by Steve McCurry, well-loved and respected photographer of the famous Afghan Girl on National Geographic.  Steve has detailed knowledge in exploring every corner of Bangkok with access to the best places to capture. He will offer guidance, feedback, and photography techniques on location and in the classroom so that you get the best shots of Bangkok from his professional and artistic perspectives.


Let curiosity be your guide:

Let us take you to experience the local culture in Bangkok, visit the floating market, try Muay Thai national sport of Thailand, and catch the morning bustle at the main railway station.
Photo by Steve McCurry
Day3-visit Buddhist Temples to capture monks and worshippers Go behind the scenes of Bangkok’s oldest Buddhist temples and be inspired by the ancient architecture and magnificent craftsmanship.
Photo by Steve McCurry
Receive endless opportunities for capturing the daily life of the locals and take unique portraits. Make sure to bring enough batteries and SD cards.
Photo by Steve McCurry



If you would like to extend your stay in Bangkkok, we will gladly assist you.


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Click and read the Thailand Workshop Catalogue with the complete itinerary, expert interview, quick tips and equipment list.


Should you have any questions about the Greenland Workshop, just Ask Us or Read More about the workshop.


Behind the Scenes

Meet passionate photographer Luis Moreno from Spain, who participated in a previous Better Moments workshop led by Steve McCurry.

Steve McCurry’s 6 best tips for portrait photography

Photo by Steve McCurry

Capture the real human hidden inside

The photograph is an undeniably powerful medium. Free from the constraints of language and harnessing the unique qualities of a single moment frozen in time.

1. Look for the unguarded moments, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person’s face.

2. Try to convey what it is like to be the person, a person caught in a broader landscape that you could call the human condition.

3. Expect great photos in unexpected places. Great pictures happen along the journey and not necessarily at your destination.

4. Find the story and then attack it, too much preparation can lead to procrastination.

5. Say Hello, and give people respect instead of running up and putting my camera in their faces.

6. Keep shooting. That’s the main objective.



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