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Make your photography or travel dream come true and have a trip tailored to your needs, no matter where in the world you want to go. Better Moments Private Tours caters to everyone no matter if you are a single traveler, couple, family or a group. Your bespoke itinerary includes all locations, sights and activities you desire. We will take care of transportation and accommodation and also find the perfect local guide for your adventure. In short, Better Moments will support you every step of the way and fully customize your adventure.

This is your journey

Is there a destination on your bucket list that you would like to explore, but you don’t know quite know where to start? Not to worry, we have you covered! Better Moments founder Christian Nørgaard has spent more than ten years planning high-end private and group photography adventures after traveling the world with his camera for decades. He and the Better Moments staff and experts know some of the world’s best photography locations first hand, making them a great resource for not only expert photographic advice, but also for setting up a unique and productive trip.

Better Moments works exclusively with local guides who have or still are working for photographers from, for example, National Geographic, Magnum, CNN, and other international media.

On request, Better Moments can arrange for one of our knowledgeable experts to join your trip as your private expert.


How about some aerial photography? | D. Guererro

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How about a sundowner in Africa? | A. Espersen

Private image

How about meeting the locals? | C. Nørgaard

No matter the destination, your skill level or interest, we can make your dream trip happen. Here are some suggestions:

  • aerial photography (helicopters, small plaines, hot air balloon)
  • private expeditions by boat (with private cabins and ensuite bathroom) to remote areas like Svalbard, Greenland or Antarctica
  • trips to exotic destinations which offer unique opportunities for outstanding travel portraits
  • trips to the world’s most scenic and breathtaking landscape locations

Company tours

A company tour is much more than just a break from the office. We organize everything from half-day city tours to adventurous multiple day trips – all focused on a exciting visual experience that your employees will remember long after they return to the office. Your trip can be fully customized and adapted to your comapany’s size, needs and goals – our Better Moments team has plenty of ideas of where to go and what to do.

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To give you the best possible service, please provide us with the following details: your name, the kind of trip you are intersted in, number of travelers, where would you like to travel to, your photographic experience, and your budget.

    • Please answer the following questions: Where would you like to travel to? When/what time of the year would you like to travel? What is your budget?.


    Christian Nørgaard

    The Better Moments founder has traveled the world for decades. He and his team will customize the perfect trip for you, making all your travel dreams come true.

    Other Video

    “We have been on a trip of about ten days through India, the North part of India, and it’s been a fantastic experience. We have seen everything and everything. You start up in the North, and we drove, we had a flight, and we have seen so many things. To be honest, very impressive things. The Taj Mahal is something you need to put on your bucket list, but we have also seen very sad and dirty things.

    Everybody has something to offer to the group, so we learn from eachother, we share things, we have workshops in the evenings where we talk about what went well, what went wrong… and we see a lot of different styles, a lot of different techniques. And that is the good thing about this trip, it is really all about photography…. Photography of the brilliant, incredible India!”.

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