Passion for photography has defined the spirit of Better Moments since Christian Nørgaard founded the company.

This passion is key to our success, and it all starts with our experts, Photo Exploring Guides and us at the office. Better Moments has the most forward-thinking, inspiring professionals in the business who are eager to make a difference through what they do.

We offer positions in a wide spectrum of areas by providing exciting opportunities. Vacancies will be listed when available.



JOB ID: EX 3551

We are seeking a resourceful, organized, driven photographer ( Expert ) to join the Better Moments global team. The ideal candidate has extensive experience in running/organizing workshops, is passioned and strongly familiar with photography with a penchant for thinking outside of the box. You must be very motivated to teach our passionate guests about the skills that have given you an internationally renowned name in the industry. As an Expert for Better Moments, you will be responsible for giving our customers a high-quality experience with a high level of service.

Photo Exploring Guide: Amsterdam, Stockholm, Rome, New York – and any other major city

JOB ID: PG17996

A Better Moments Photo Exploring Guide is a provider of professionally guided photography tours in cities all over the world. Our customers are passionate tourists who love photography, seeking to visit and photograph the known, as well as lesser known sites of the city. As a Photo Exploring guide for Better Moments, you will be responsible for giving our customers a high-quality experience with a high level of service, basic photography assistance and insights in your local area beyond the ordinary tourists sites.

Code of Conduct

We are a global company and as such, we come from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. We conduct our business ethically, responsibly, with honesty, and always show respect for each other. This code applies to everyone within the company, as well as Experts, Photo Exploring Guides and personnel working at Better Moments. We follow the law at all times, complying with all legal requirements, regulations, and standards in all countries in which we operate.

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