BETTER MOMENTS & PHASE ONE EXPLORER workshops are your gateway to working with top-of-the-line equipment from Phase One whilst photographing breathtaking scenery around the globe.

Get exclusive access to the power and versatility of the Phase One Premiere XT Camera System and Capture One software as well as continuous support and training from both Phase One experts and award-winning Better Moments Phase One photographers.

The EXPLORER workshops have been designed by Better Moments and Phase One to be a premier photographic workshop experience. Providing you first-hand access to some of the most experienced Phase One photographers and instructors whilst learning the Phase One system directly from the architects behind it, is what EXPLORER is all about.

The goal of EXPLORER is to provide you with the finest photographic education while maximizing time in the field. You will get insight from Better Moments Experts and instructors and return home with a deep understanding of Medium Format photography and all the Phase One camera system can offer. Our team will be there every step of the way to give you all the insight you can handle.

  • Premiere XT Camera System sent directly to your private address for training before the workshop.
  • One-to-one Master Class with a Phase One expert prior to departure and after ended workshop.
  • Capture One Software training and support before and during workshop.
  • Follow-up training and support from Phase One after completion of workshop.
  • All our guests will receive – for free – exclusive Phase One equipment
  • Software and training for use during this workshop


When you take your time to set yourself up properly, the quality of the Phase One files can be amazing. I took the same shots with my backup camera on the trip, and while they still look great, they don't have the detail and tonal subtlety of the images taken with the Phase One.

Tommaso Colombino

Iceland 2019

And then we went out around 23:00 in the -20°C cold and snow laden landscape glowing in the moonlight to take the pictures. I was very positively surprised of our Phase One equipment being able to stand these temperatures and delivering outstanding pictures even at high ISOs.

Bernd Beykirch

Finland 2019


    November 7th-14th 2024

    Spirit of the Desert
    Tom D. Jones

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    September 7th-15th 2023

    Icelands Hidden Gems
    Peter Eastway

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    August 23rd - August 30th 2024

    Into the Ice Cap
    Tom D. Jones

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    March 10th-17th 2025

    Northern Light & Artworks of Nature
    Tom D. Jones

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    September 2nd - 9th 2024

    Into Thin Air
    Tom D. Jones

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  • Lofoten

    October 1st -8th 2024

    Celebration of the Light
    Tom D. Jones

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