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Better Moments 2022 Workshops

Better Moments experts Hamid Sardar, Tom D. Jones, Sisse Brimberg and Christian Nørgaard presented their breathtaking workshops on offer in 2022, from the bustling markets of Bangkok, the majestic beauty of Mongolia and bubbling geysers of Iceland – and beyond. We hope their insights inspired you to explore new horizons in 2022.

Bhutan as a photo destination with Sisse Brimberg

Asia’s last kingdom should be on your bucket list for many reasons. Let National Geographic photographer Sisse Brimberg take you on a photographic journey of the contrast between bustling city streets and ancient monasteries, lush landscapes and the majestic Himalayas, vast rice terraces and fields of drying chili peppers laid out like an Impressionist painting – Bhutan is truly a feast for the eyes.

Webinar: Bhutan as a photo destination with Sisse Brimberg

How to do Reportage Photography with Marco Di Lauro

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Marco Di Lauro knows the ins and outs of reportage and documentary photography. He recently received world-wide recognition for covering the Covid-19 crisis in his home country Italy. In this webinar, Marco talks about some of his most important assignments.

Webinar about Reportage Photography with Marco die Lauro

The Pearl Hunters of Palawan with James Whitlow Delano

James Whitlow Delano shares his inspiring photographs from the Philippines, and talks about one of his reportages that led him to the pearl farm situated on Flower Island, a tiny island off the coast of Palawan.

Thumbnail webinar with James Whitlow Delano

How to do a photo story for National Geographic with Arne Hodalic

National Geographic Photo Editor-in-Chief, Arne Hodalic, talks about how to prepare a photo story for National Geographic and presents some of his own features using his home country Slovenia as an example.

Thumbnail webinar with Arne Hodalic

Greenland – Into the Ice Cap with Tom D. Jones

When the sun sets over Ilulissat’s Icefjord, the light is saturated with pinky red colors and the mighty landscapes will appear in the most beautiful and dramatic way. Now is the best time to capture the icy giants as they float in the calm waters.

Better Moments webinar about Photography on Greenland by Tom D. Jones

Steve McCurry about his iconic images and Burma workshop

Award-winning photo journalist Steve McCurry talks about the stories behind some of his most iconic photographs and his upcoming photography workshop in Burma.

Better Moments webinar about Burma and Steve McCurry's iconic photographs

My photographic journey through Mongolia with Hamid Sardar

For years, award-winning film maker and Harvard scholar Hamid Sardar has traveled Mongolia extensively, meeting and living with nomads to learn about their intriguing way of life. In his webinar, he will share photos and stories from his encounters with the famous eagle hunters, wise shamans, horse whisperers, traditional wrestlers and many more.

Better Moments webinar about A photographic journey through Mongolia by Hamid Sardar

Travel and Portrait Photography with Christian Nørgaard

Let Better Moments founder Christian Nørgaard take you to Africa and Asia’s most fascinating places and learn about the secrets of travel photography. Christian will share his personal tips and tricks to help you improve your photography

Better Moments webinar about Travel and Portrait Photography by Christian Nørgaard

How to travel with Flash Equipment with Arne Hodalič

National Geographic Photo Editor-in-Chief Arne Hodalič is an expert in traveling the world with bulky equipment such as softbox or flash kits in order to take stunning portraits even in remote places. In his webinar, he will share valuable advice on how to do so.

Better Moments webinar about How to travel with flash equipment by Arne Hodalic

My life with National Geographic with Sisse Brimberg

“Some people tell stories with pen and paper, I tell stories with my eyes and my camera” – working for National Geographic is a dream for many photographers, Better Moments expert Sisse Brimberg has been living this dream for years. Join Sisse’s webinar to listen to the tales and stories behind her images of arctic wildlife, remote cultures and unique characters. Find out how to transfer the thought of an image into a photo, using your camera as a tool. Sisse will tell you how you can apply this procedure of taking photographs to your own creative process.

Better Moments webinar about her life with National Geographic by Sisse Brimberg

How to do Aerial Photography

Taking photos out of a helicopter or airplane has its challenges. But there are tips & tricks that will make your life easier and your images even better. In this webinar, Better Moments founder Christian Nørgaard will share his best advice.

Better Moments webinar about Aerial Photography by Christian Nørgaard

Photography in the Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland is one of the most spectacular places for landscape photography and Better Moments expert Peter Eastway knows the island like the back of his hand. In his live webinar he will share his best advice on landscape photography as well as his inspirational work from the land of fire and ice.

Better Moments webinar about Photography in the Land of Fire and Ice by Peter Eastway
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