5 Tips on Landscape Photography by Peter Eastway

Award-winning photographer Peter Eastway is leading our Phase One EXPLORER workshop on magical Iceland – a heaven for any landscape and aerial photographer. In this post, Peter is sharing his 5 best tips & tricks on landscape photography.


No matter if it is Iceland you travel to or another place in the world, there are some tips & tricks that can help you take better photos in the future. We have asked Better Moments expert and Peter Eastway to share five quick tips on how to improve your landscape photography. We hope you can put them to use!


Peter Eastway

Peter Eastway

From a bird’s view: Volcano aerial | Photo: Peter Eastway

Peter Eastway is an award-winning photographer from Australia who also publishes his own photo magazine. In the past years, he let the Better Moments EXPLORER workshops in Iceland that we host in cooperation with Phase One. Having traveled all over the world, Peter has probably captured any kind of landscape you can image. Here are his best advice for taking better landscape photos.

Black church Iceland
The black church, Iceland. | Photo by Peter Eastway


#1 – Get it right on location

Take the best exposure you can when you’re there. Post-production can’t beat great light or a good angle, so don’t take short-cuts when you’re out on location. Take the time to get the absolutely best shot you can – and sometimes that might require hanging around for a little longer to get the best conditions.


#2 – Auto ISO will make your life easier

Auto ISO is great for travel photography. Travellers can be shooting dark interiors one minute and bright sunny landscapes the next. By setting Auto ISO on your camera, you can ensure you’re always shooting with a sufficiently fast shutter speed to avoid camera or subject blur. And high ISO settings on modern cameras are no longer a problem in terms of image quality – they look great!


Sugar Loaf Rock, Australia
This may not be Iceland but Australia, however, it’s a fantastic shot that makes great use of light. | Photo by Peter Eastway


#3 – Travel light

Only pack what you can comfortably carry. If your camera bag has too much in it, you won’t feel motivated to go the extra distance – and that’s what’s required to get the best travel and landscape photographs. Look at your previous shoots and see which lenses you didn’t use – perhaps they can stay behind!


#4 – Bring your computer

Travel with a computer so you can check on your work day by day. Obviously this might be a problem if you’re trekking, but for a lot of travel photography, setting up the laptop in the evening to review the day’s work ensures you are doing everything correctly and will inspire you for the next day’s shooting as well!


#5 – Shoot a little wider

While it’s important to fill the frame, sometimes this makes our photos more of a ‘record’ than an ‘interpretation’. By shooting a little wider, we can always crop later on if we want tight framing, but now we also have the option of including more creative space in our compositions.


Iceland's incredible landscape
Not much we can say about Iceland – besides that it is incredible. | Photo by Peter Eastway

If exploring Iceland is still on your bucket list, you should join us on our next journey to the land of fire and ice. The Iceland EXPLORER workshop is an excellent opportunity to try Phase One’s XF camera system for FREE.

The full frame medium format camera allows you to capture more data, providing more detail and impressive results. The high resolution, 101 Megapixel sensor delivers stunning image quality, allowing you to take amazing photos of the unique scenery.

Sasha Gentsis

Workshop participant Sasha Gentsis took part in our very first Iceland workshop back in 2011 and two times after. He still remembers the trips vividlly: “I have visited more than 50 countries. But no country is more amazing than Iceland. Here you have everything you could dream about, as a landscape photographer, waterfalls, volcanoes, caves, mountains, rivers – I could go on.”

Head to the workshop page to learn more about our adventure.

More about Peter Eastway? Click here!

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