Sasha Gentsis was awarded Photographer of the Month in March 2015

Sasha Gentsis is a frequent participant on Better Moments Workshops with two times to Iceland, Sweden three times and once each to Svalbard and Greenland. In 2015 he is bringing his son the his all time favorite, Iceland.

The work of Sasha Gentsis vibrates of life between the abstract and concrete, contrasting time, nature and human construction. He first became known to the general public a decade ago with his large format panorama landscape photography, which is also the base of his project “Duets”.

“When you run forward, you see only what lies in the future. Sometimes you stop, look back and remember the past. When you manage to put the two side by side – past and future – suddenly, like a revelation, you feel the inspiration. Everything is here – the past and the future. And all this time is yours.”

Bepar to four story

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