Photo of the Workshop Iceland 2019

This is the chosen one – the “Photo of the Workshop” from our trip to Iceland with Peter Eastway and Phase One in November 2019.

Due to the location and the resulting unpredictable weather patterns, Iceland is probably one of our most challenging workshop locations. However, it is also one of the most beautiful ones. Passionate Photographer Tommaso Colombino took this image while we were exploring the stunning Snæfellsnes peninsula:

“The photo is a good example of serendipity. We were supposed to go to Kirkjufell first thing in the morning but because of black ice on the road we only made it a few hundred meters up the road from our hotel in Hellnar. So we got out of the cars and started shooting what was around us as the sun was rising. I noticed these three houses nicely lined up as I was walking back to the hotel, with the sun (which was well above the horizon by then) behind me just lighting up softly the clouds and the top of the mountains in the background. It was the last shot I took that morning.

When you take the time to set yourself up properly, the quality of the Phase One files can be amazing. I took the same shot with my backup camera, and while it still looks great, it doesn’t have the detail and tonal subtlety of this shot.”

Photo of the Workshop | Photo: Tommaso Colombino

Passionate Photographer Tommaso Colombino

Iceland is a playground for landscape photographers as it has to offer so many amazing locations for photography. From icy lagoons to black-sanded beaches, from lava fields to ice caves – there is something for everyone.

Head to the workshop page to learn more about our next trip to Iceland – 19 – 27 September 2020.

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