Meet The Team – Har from Mongolia

Meet the Better Moments team. We are a global team of travel experts, local fixers, project managers, and many more and we constantly work on organizing your next photography adventure. This time, meet Har from Mongolia who knows almost every corner of the vast East Asian country and is supporting us with his local expertise.

Better Moments team - Har from Mongolia
Meet Har, our local fixer in Mongolia and a passionate photographer himself.

Meet our local fixer

Har normally works with film crews from all around the world and helps them realize their projects in Mongolia. But as he is well-acquanited with our Better Moments expert and frequent Mongolia traveler Hamid Sardar, he supports us as our local fixer.

Har is an award-winning photographer himself who was featured in e.g. Time Magazine. Environmental portraits and social documentary are his favorites genres. His true fascination and inspiration comes from the people who live in remote, exotic and diverse parts of the world.

Har has already traveled to every corner of Mongolia. Thanks to his knowledge about the local geography, culture and traditions, he helped us tailor the Mongolia workshop with Hamid Sardar exactly to our needs.

His best advice for traveling to Mongolia?

Dress warm.

What is the most memorable photo you have ever taken?

My most memorable photo was taken in the summer of 2017 in Mongolia’s most remote location by the border of Russia. It took me two days of vehicle travel and one day of horse riding to get to the summer pasture of the nomadic reindeer tribe Tsaatan people.

I spent a total of one months documenting and helping to film a tribe of 68 families who are still trying to cling to their lifestyle in the ever changing modern landscape. The photo is of one few matriarchs of the tribe lady named Ulzii, who is one of the few last people who can speak their own language and transfer their knowledge and tradition to their young. What makes it special for me also, is that during our stay I made a lasting connection with her and got to know her story bit more.

Ulzii is a mother to 8 children and grandmother to many more. She lost her eye sight 30 years ago but every day she looks after her grandchildren in any way she can.

Ulzii and her baby, West Taiga, Mongolia
Ulzii and her baby, West Taiga, Mongolia. | Photo Har S.

What is your dream project?

There are 365 soums (villages) in Mongolia, like there are days in the year. My current dream project is to travel to all those villages and capture their essence. For instance, one person representing the village, one family representing the village, one unique thing about that village. Moreover, I would like to capture one current general vista of village.

The goal is to publish a book and that years later people will pick it up and be able to see how things looked like back then when I visited their land.

Better Moments team - Har from Mongolia with reindeer
Har exploring his home country. Reindeer are a common sight and mode of transport.

Below are some of the images Har took during his travels through Mongolia.

Our next Mongolia Workshop will take place from 20 to 29 November 2021. More information on the workshop page.

Old Mongolian with trophies
Mongolian girl on reindeer
Mongolian boy with fur hat
All photos by Har S.

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