January News Update – On the Hunt of the Northern Lights

Let me try to come up with two, not just one good reason for not joining our Finland Northern Lights Workshop – but before I answer, a short story from the past.

A night north of the Arctic Circle in Kuusamo, Finland where the temperature had dropped to minus 15 degrees celsius, a miracle happened. Over me, the Northern lights had started to dance, they started with long blue-green snake-shaped formations in the sky. First, they moved north to south and then changed to a warm color like a mixture of orange and mustard yellow. In truth, a great and for me a fantastic moment and experience – and yes, of course, I shot pictures, lots of pictures in the frozen night north of the Arctic Circle. Sorry, I forgot to answer that question – I have actually one good reason – in Finland, there are no palm trees.

At last, let me share with you an introduction video of our workshop in Finland. Click the below video and enjoy watching!

Christian Nørgaard
Better Moments founder & CEO

Finland – Chasing the Northern Lights, 13 -20 March 2022 (LAST CALL)

Did you miss the magic of Finland?

Why not make up your mind now and get on the plane, join our expert Tom D. Jones and us to explore this ultimate winter wonderland, from the frozen waterfalls to snow-covered forests, from the Northern Lights chase to snowmobile rides.

Photo by Tom D. Jones

Join now and get the following extras for free:

To improve every aspect of your photography skills, the award-winning photographer, Tom D. Jones will give you a Professional Portfolio Review before the workshop starts.
The first night in Kuusamo – settle yourself in a charming log chalet to freshen up, unpack, and get started your photography the next morning.
Guided private photo tour equipped with Phase One kit to explore Copenhagen, the city of fairy tales, by Better Moments Photo Exploring if you stopover Copenhagen before take-off to Finland.
Free trial of Phase One camera kit, one of the best solutions for serious landscape photography, during the workshop and one-on-one educational lecture by Better Moments’ expert. Remember, you can always bring your own camera.

Should you have any questions about the Finland Workshop, just Ask Us or Read More about the workshop.

Staying in my memories

” Obviously, the highlight was the night in Riisitunturi National Park watching the Northern Lights. It was the whole atmosphere having a rustic dinner in the hiker’s hut after shooting the sunset and waiting for the Northern Light which is staying in my memory … “, expressed Bernd Beykirch from Germany, Participant of Better Moments Finland Workshop. 


Faroe Island – The wonder of the Atlantic, 1-8 May 2022 (exclusive group max. 6 guests)

From the breathtaking scenery to the filming locations for the latest James Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’, our expert Christian Nørgaard will bring you to capture the landscape of rugged mountains, surging waterfalls, and dramatic cliffs.

Located in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands consist of 18 stunning volcanic islands.

Sign up now and get your first night for free in Torshavn. Read more

Photo by Christian Nørgaard

Greenland – The road to the Ice Cap, 17-24 May 2022 (only a few seats left)

Join our Greenland workshop to explore the wild and raw nature of Greenland, come close to capture the magic moment of the icebergs, ice fjords, and glaciers as well as experience the adventure aerial and boat-based photography.

Optional Aerial Photography Workshop! Read more

Photo by Tom D. Jones

Namibia – off road for our next generation

In our latest blog post, Christian shares his experience of visiting the Himba tribe in Namibia and seeing their simple way of living. Christian writes, ” …In a few years from now, we will not explore authentic local trips like the Himbas, since they, just like all of us, are moving to the big cities searching for work and a modern lifestyle. ” Read more

Photo by Tom Christian Nørgaard

2022 Workshop Webinar Recap

If you missed the Better Moments’ 2022 Workshop Webinar with experts Hamid Sardar, Tom D. Jones, Sisse Brimberg, and Christian Nørgaard who shared their insights on photography and highlighted the exciting workshops for 2022, click the below video and watch the Webinar again.

Bepar to four story

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