February News Update – Greenland on My Mind

The first time I visited Greenland, I was blown away by the unique culture and nature. Ever since I have visited this most adventurous and beautiful place time after time. In the late summer where the long nights start, you experience the magical northern lights, and in the spring, the soft and warm light flares throughout the day.

The weather may change, one day it snows, the next day the sun shines and suddenly you can not sail on the fjord as it is packed with icebergs – in Greenland, it is mother nature who sets the agenda and not you. I wish for all those who admire the raw and untouched nature, they just once in a lifetime may explore the mighty mountains, sky-high icebergs, and on the horizon a dog sled – that’s life.

Let me share with you the behind-the-scenes video of our Greenland Workshop for inspiration.

Christian Nørgaard
Better Moments founder & CEO

Explore Greenland with expert photographer Tom D. Jones, 17 -24 May 2022 (only a few seats left!)

Book now and don’t miss the chance to meet other passionate photographers and explore Greenland!

Greenland is one of our most popular destinations as it is a unique location for landscape photography. Join our expert Tom D. Jones, in discovering the magnificent nature of Greenland by private boat and helicopter. Read more

Photo by Tom D. Jones

Enjoy below extras for free:

To improve every aspect of your photography skills, we give you a Professional Portfolio Review before the workshop starts. You save € 245.

A free guided private photo Copenhagen Exploring tour with an optional Phase One XF Camera kit to try out. You save € 295.

During the Greenland workshop, you can work with a Phase One camera kit, also for free.


Meet our Expert

As an award-winning photographer, Tom D. Jones’ work represents artistic photography with simple and yet complex compositions. Tom’s perspective introduces us to a world of perplexing beauty, serene and simple compositions with light and depth, always containing a creative touch of movement.

So many great expereince…

“I think my favorite experience would have to be an early morning shoot, just after a dusting of snow had fallen, bringing wonderful definition to the rock formations on the hillside in front of the ice fjord.” described David Muiry, from the United Kingdom, participant of Better Moments Greenland Workshop.

Watch the interview with David Muiry, click here


Should you have any questions about the Greenland Workshop, just Ask Us or Read More about the workshop.


Iceland – the Land of Fire and Ice, 12 – 20 September 2022

We invite you to discover the mysterious landscapes of Iceland in our 9 days of adventure – Iceland workshop with expert Peter Eastway. You will not only have the opportunity to approach the unique challenges of landscape photography but also capture the dynamic energy and simplicity of nature photography.

Ice cave workshop is optional! Read more

Photo by Peter Eastway

Meet our Expert

Peter Eastway is a contemporary Australian photographer who is known internationally for his landscape and travel photography. Peter’s early landscapes were primarily black and white, carefully printed and toned, but with the advent of digital photography, he has taken a leading role internationally, creating a New Tradition (the title of his book) of high quality imagery, and speaks about ‘invisible Photoshop’.

It has everything you could dream about…

“I have visited more than 50 countries. But no country is more amazing than Iceland. Here you have everything you could dream about, as a landscape photographer, waterfalls, volcanoes, caves, mountains, rivers – I could go on.” said Sasha Gentsis, from Russia, participant of Better Moments Iceland Workshop. 


Faroe Islands – The wonder of the Atlantic, 1-8 May 2022 (exclusive group max. 6 guests)

Located in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands presents a dramatic landscape with ever-changing shades of green. The Faroe Islands workshop offers the perfect way to capture those amazing landscapes, from breathtaking mountains to surging waterfalls, from dramatic cliffs to lush green valleys.

Sign up now and get your first night for free in Torshavn. Read more

Photo by Christian Nørgaard

Meet our Expert

As the founder and CEO of Better Moments, Christian Nørgaard has photographed and traveled extensively in Asia and has received wide acclaim for his unique photographic talent.

His workshop on the Faroe Islands is a unique opportunity for any photographer to combine adventure, travel and landscape photography and to work with one of the best in the field.



In our latest blog post, Christian talks about “Qanik” – the word for snow in Greenland.

Christian writes, “There are no two snowflakes in the world that are alike, they are all unique in their shape and structure. In Greenland, snow is called qanik and the locals have numerous words for snow – some say that there are more than fifty words – one is qanik.” Read more

Photo by Christian Nørgaard

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