A lot of different things come to mind when thinking about Vietnam.
Whether it’s the nation’s tumultuous past, its vibrant capital of Hanoi, the rich cultural heritage, the stunning vistas or the eclectic cuisine, there’s more than enough reasons why this country is well-recognized by most.

This workshop takes you to Northern Vietnam for a carefully curated tour of the best the country has to offer, from hectic Hanoi and stunning Halong Bay to meeting traditional tribes of Sa Pa or reaching the summit of Fansipan, “The Roof of Indochina”.

You’ll start off experiencing exciting, noisy, vibrant, wonderful Hanoi.
Here, the influence of the country’s storied past is well-visible in both architecture and layout. You’ll experience hectic markets, amazing street food and get an incredible sense of what life in modern Vietnam is like.

From here, you’ll head up north to Sa Pa, a small village bordering China.
Here, you’ll meet local tribes and get a glimpse of the ancient culture Vietnam is built on, a beautiful contrast to the hustle and bustle of the capital.
The indigenous tribes of Northern Vietnam number more than 54 distinct peoples, the most prevalent being the Kinh, or Viet, tribe, after which the country is named. Other large families include the Hmong and Khmer people, and this part of the workshop makes for outstanding portrait photography.

If Hanoi is all about portrait and street photography, Sa Pa is the opposite.
You’ll experience breathtaking vistas from the summit of the tallest mountain in Vietnam, Fansipan, nicknamed the Roof of Indochina, and gaze at seemingly endless fields of rice crops and beautiful sunrises as well as sunsets.

Finally, you’ll go to legendary Halong Bay for some of the most breathtaking coastal views in the world.
The myriad of small islets dotting the horizon makes for exquisitely textured landscape photography.
It’s hard to find a reason not to go to diverse and incredible Vietnam.

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