Travel to the extreme North’s mysterious and captivating islands of Svalbard in the company of celebrated National Geographic photographer Sisse Brimberg. Photograph the majestic polar bears as they meander through the frozen landscape and capture the spectacular glaciers rising from the icy waters.

Sisse Brimberg and Better Moments CEO Christian Nørgaard will help you discover the hidden secrets of Svalbard in a way that few visitors have ever had the chance to experience. Learn about Sisse’s life-long career with National Geographic. She has worked in Svalbard almost every year since 2004 and has been to every island in the snow-clad archipelago. Additionally, benefit from Christian Nørgaard’s extensive knowledge about the place, where he has led numerous expeditions.

PLEASE NOTE: Traveling in the Arctic can often be unpredictable due to wind and weather, so the itinerary may change to suit the local conditions. We may also alter the itinerary to make sure we get the best shots, depending on where the polar bears happen to be at the time. 

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