This workshop offers the rare opportunity to explore and photograph the ultimate bucket list: A string of famous and exotic locations – historical, spiritual and natural – all in one trip. We begin our journey in the picturesque capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, visiting some of the seven architectural treasures designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, among them the famous 5th century Hindu Pashupatinath Temple, the Buddhist Stupa of Boudhanath and the colourful Ason Market.

From there, we fly on to Tibet, entering the spiritual world of Tibetan buddhism as we explore and photograph the famous Potala Palace in Lhasa, the historical monasteries bustling with the daily rituals of monks, and ancient printing temples. As we continue our journey to Gyantse and Shegar, we shall have the opportunity to photograph stunning sceneries of heavenly lakes, soaring mountains and ancient forts. From Shegar, we take the arduous drive to Mt. Everest Base Camp and the jaw-dropping view of the very top of the world. Finally, we make our way to Shigatse, the second-largest town in Tibet.

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