We are saddened to see what happening in Burma. Out of respect for the locals, we will not travel to Burma until democracy is established in the country once more. However, you are more than welcome to already pre-book a seat for our next photo workshop in Burma as the workshops with Steve McCurry typically sold out. Keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Burma is one of the few countries in Asia that has preserved its deep religious and historical roots. Today, the country has just started opening up for foreign visitors and we are pleased to offer a workshop to this alluring land led by award-winning photographer Steve McCurry. Drift down the Irrawaddy to capture life along the river, admire the thousand-year-old temples and pagodas that dot this magnificent country. Dig into the myriad dishes of the local cuisine, from a hearty bowl of mo­hinga noodles for breakfast to the fermented tea-leaf mixture that’s a popular finish to a Burmese meal. Swap cocktails and cana­pés for snacks and tea sweetened with condensed milk at tea houses where you can chat with locals.

Two of the Myanmar photo tour workshop’s highlights will be the traditional water festival, Thingyan, which is celebrated across Burma in mid April and which is leading up to the country’s New Year’s celebration. We will celebrate the water festival in Mandalay and the surrounding countryside; for the latter we will travel to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bagan.

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