Explore Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, in all its hectic, noisy, beautiful, historic, and exotic glory.

This Master Class Bangkok photography workshop tour with James Nachtwey, the greatest and most important reportage photographer of our time, is based on Bangkok’s diversity. James Nachtwey and Better Moments want to allow you to discover the turbulent city with your camera, to see behind the curtain and get to its very core.

James Nachtwey will divide the workshop guests into small groups based on their personal photographic styles and interests. Each group will get its own photo assignment to work on. The participants are expected to produce a photographic essay as if working on an assignment for a major magazine like National Geographic or a newspaper like The New York Times. The assignments are based on James’ profound experience and the unique circumstances of Bangkok. Together with James Nachtwey and our local photo guides, who usually work for international media such as CNN or The New York Times, you will be guided and supported during this one-of-a-kind photo adventure.

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