Journey to the edge of the Arctic Circle to immerse yourself in the wild and untamed landscape of Finland, exploring the unspoiled beauty of its endless pine forests and majestic fells. The five national parks surrounding Kuusamo offer an incredible selection of subjects for nature and landscape photography, including spectacular frozen waterfalls, enchanting snow-covered forests, and of course a chance to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the northern lights.

Finland  EXPLORER Photography Tour

BETTER MOMENTS & PHASE ONE EXPLORER is your gateway to working with top of the line equipment from Phase One, We provide participants with FREE exclusive access to the power and versatility of the Phase One Premiere XT Camera System and Capture One software, as well as continuous support and training from both Phase One experts and award-winning Better Moments photographers. This workshop offers you the opportunity to learn, discover and explore the dramatic landscapes of Finland together with passionate and like-minded enthusiasts, using the best photographic equipment on the market.

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