Celebrating 10 Years with Better Moments

A decade of Better Moments is a moment to treasure and something we want to celebrate with you. That’s why we are sharing our 10-year anniversary book with you, looking back at some of the most memorable moments we’ve enjoyed over the years.

2021 marks our 10th year in business and about a hundred trips to some of the world’s most breathtaking locations for photography. We have sold-out workshops ahead of us and are further expanding our Photo Exploring concept to destinations outside Europe. This book is a celebration of Better Moments’ past and future and we cannot wait to continue this journey with you and go explore the world with our cameras.

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The good thing about the past is that it lies behind us and the unique thing about the future is that it comes of its own accord – you literally do not have to lift a finger. So when Christian Nørgaard now looks back on 10 fantastic years and all the memorable experiences, it is with the sure belief that there is a bright future for Better Moments. Without a doubt, there will be even more creative and visual initiatives such as online lectures. Photo Exploring will expand to even more cities and countries – and who knows, maybe Better Moments will be the first to send travelers to the moon. One thing, though, is certain: Christian Nørgaard will continue to send his guests around the world to follow their passion for photography and travel.


Discover how Christian was inspired to set out on the path to creating the company, what drew Better Moments to visit the unexplored beauty of thousands of unbelievable destinations, how we welcomed the rice harvest with Tibetan farmers and get a taste of the exciting treasures we have in store for you in 2022.

Read the full 10 Years with Better Moments guide here.

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