Spotlight: Namibia

Discover Namibia on our two bespoke workshops:

  • Into the Wild
  • Spirit of the Desert
Hunters walking toward the sunset. Namibia, by Christian Nørgaard

Skeleton trees in Deadvlei, Namibia. By Tom D. Jones

Few places in the world offer better photographing opportunities than the wondrous, beautiful African country of Namibia.

“Namibia: Into the Wild” lets you accompany founder Christian Nørgaard on an intimate journey to the San and Himba peoples of Namibia. This workshop will focus on portrait photography and how to interact with locals in a respectful and natural manner.

“Namibia: Spirit of the Desert”, is, as the name suggests, focused on landscape photography. In the very competent hands of our expert Tom D. Jones, you’ll journey through vast deserts, lush groves and forgotten architecture to capture truly unforgettable photographs of an almost primordial country.

And for the truly passionate photographers among you who might have a hard time choosing between the two, they’re held back-to-back so that you can book a spot on both!


Namibia: Into the Wild
Christian Nørgaard invites you on a remarkable journey to some of the most ancient civilizations in the world: The San and Himba peoples.
You’ll travel by both private 4×4 truck and private plane and sleep in luxury tents as well as five star lodges, just to name a few highlights.
One day sees you hunt with the San people and learning to craft the traditional tools needed for the hunt.
Another highlight is visiting Etosha National Park for two whole days of big game photography.
This workshop has something for everyone, and then some.
Highlights include:
  • Learn about portrait photography techniques in stunning surroundings.
  • Go hunting together with the San Peoples and spend a day in their village following their daily lives.
  • Two days of high-end wildlife photography at Etosha National Park.
  • Learn the secrets behind landscape photography.
  • Stay in the middle of the wilderness in a luxury tent.


Portraits of some indigenous women of the Himba and San tribes in Namibia. By Christian Nørgaard
Reserve your Spot
Namibia: Into the Wild
30th of October-9th of November
W. Christian Nørgaard

Start your adventure by browsing our carefully curated catalogue detailing the workshop! In it you’ll find a detailed itinerary as well as breathtaking shots of what to expect.
Have a look here:


Behind the Scenes with Christian Nørgaard
Namibia: Spirit of the Desert
Join Hasselblad Master Photographer Tom D. Jones on a breathtaking journey through Nambia. Whether it’s Spitzkoppe, known as the Matterhorn of Africa, or Deadvlei, the barren white clay pan home to skeletons of ancient trees, this workshop will put your landscape photography skills to the test.
One day sees you going to Swakopmund, a bustling city wedged in between towering sand dunes. Another day offers aerial photography over hulking shipwrecks in seas of flamingoes, replete with a dinner on the best seafood restaurant in all of Namibia – and that’s not even half of it.Left: The bright Milky Way above a gas station on the Night Photography Workshop
Right: A deserted building in the ghost town of Kolmanskop being reclaimed by the desert
By Tom D. Jones



  • In the Night Photography Workshop, you will shoot the Milky Way and stars from Spitzkoppe.
  • Guided quad bike adventure to explore the Namib desert in Swakopmund.
  • Explore one of the most iconic and photogenic places on earth – Deadvlei.
  • Climb up to catch the first sun rays over the giant Dune 45
  • Optional helicopter aerial photography
A group of very happy Spirit of the Desert workshop participants


Travel in style
We’ve painstakingly selected the accommodation on both of our workshops to meet the high standards we hold ourselves to. Take a look:

Strand Hotel Swakopmund
A luxurious and exclusive hotel situated by the waterfront in Swakopmund

Spitzkoppen Lodge
This superb five-star hotel is situated
at the base of the ancient and dramatic
Spitzkoppe granite peaks


Dead Valley Lodge
A beautiful piece of architecture, this lodge offers luxury in spartan surroundings
Am Weinberg Estate’s Boutique Hotel
Opened in 2018, this elegant hotel in Windhoek
offers everything the heart desires


Reserve your Spot
Namibia: Spirit of the Desert
November 11th-18th
W. Tom D. Jones

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