Should you travel with us?

Are you wondering what kind of skills or gear are a prerequisite to join one of our photo workshops? The answer will probably surpsrise you.

Female workshop guest with her camera in the Namibian desert.
One of our workshop guests shooting the sunset during the Hasselblad Masterclass workshop in Namibia.

Do I need advanced photography skills?

This is a definite “NO!” – You do not need advanced photography skills to join one of our workshops. Our adventures are open to anyone, no matter if you are a professional or are using a camera for the very first time.

All our Better Moments experts are excellent teachers and will adapt to everyone’s respective skill level. Due to the fact that we travel in small groups, you will receive the support you need and will have ample time to ask questions. On top of that, our guests usually learn from each other too as everyone can contribute with their knowledge and experience.

Do I need professional gear/equipment?

It’s a “NO!” again. You can bring whatever equipment you like – your medium format camera or your smartphone. We will make sure that you will take home great photos even if you don’t own a fancy camera system and high-end lenses.

Of course expensive gear usually leads to better quality photos, however, we also place a lot of emphasis on teaching you photography theory (e.g. composition) as it is the foundation of taking unique and interesting images.

Is there an age limit?

No. And we actually love having people of different age groups join our workshops. It encourages a lot of interesting discussions and gives everyone the chance to broaden his/her horizon.

However, you can only travel by yourself if you are over 18 years old. Pleae also keep in mind that some of our workshops require a certain level of fitness. You are always welcome to contact us should you be unsure.

What if I don’t want to travel without my partner/family?

Not a problem! Even if your partner or family members aren’t interested in photography, you are welcome to bring the along. We offer a discount on the workshop price and we are happy to organize an alternative program to keep them entertained while you are busy taking photos.

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