Photo Equipment Hack – DIY Rain Cover

Haven’t we all been there – you are out taking photos and suddenly it starts raining but you don’t have a rain cover to protect your gear. Here is a quick and easy trick for a DIY rain cover that I have used myself many times.

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An umbrella is another option – even though it gets in the way a lot. | Photo: Pexels

This photo equipment hack may come in handy

No matter how expensive your camera or lens, you will want to protect it against the elements at all costs. This easy photo equipment hack I have used many times myself when I was surprised by inclement weather and I didn’t have my camera’s rain cover with me. I even recommend it to our Better Moments’ workshop guests before we go on one of our adventures.

A simple plastic bag – or a even better, a ziploc bag – is all you need.

DIY rain cover

Plastic bags can be found pretty much anywhere, actually, you should keep one in your camera bag at all times as there may be other situations where they can be a life (or gear) saver. For this, a translucent plastic bag will be best as it will allow you to see your camera’s screen through the plastic.

  1. 1. Take the plastic bag and start tearing a hole into the bottom.
  2. 2. If you are using tripod, mount the camera first. Place your camera in the plastic bag, lens side first . Make sure the lens hood is screwed off.
  3. 3. Now make the hole as large as your lens so that it just fits over it but doesn’t get in the way when you take pictures.
  4. 4. Screw the lens hood onto the lens to keep the plastic bag in place.
  5. 5. If you happen to have some rubber bands, you can use them to secure the plastic bag on your lens.
  6. 6. If the bag is large enough, you can even stick your hand in the plastic bag and seal it shut.
Easy DIY Camera Rain Cover
Easy DIY Camera Rain Cover

This quick and easy makeshift rain cover will not only help protect your gear from rain and snow, but also dust or sand.

The DIY works best if your lens as a lens hood as it will otherwise be exposed to the rain/snow.

A few words of caution

Please note that this makeshift rain cover is not 100% foolproof as plastic bags can easily tear. So your camera and lens may still get damaged by the water. There are more durable solutions out there that you should consider purchasing if you head out into bad weather more frequently.

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