Tiffin Johnson participated in the Iceland 2016 workshop. Tiffin was awarded Photographer of the Month, September 2016. Below is a selection of the his best work.

Tiff Johnson is a retired Chemical Engineer residing in Durango, Colorado (USA). Although interested in cameras from a very early age, 15 years of retirement has allowed him to shift emphasis from primarily  documentation of family and friends to more artistic pursuits. His current interest is landscapes made in the American Southwest with emphasis on light, form, texture, and subtle colors.  His photography has been exhibited  in art galleries and museums in the Durango area.

 “Although the two trips to Iceland with Better Moments had nearly identical itineraries, the experiences were very different. The weather was different, the light was different, and we were able  to visit different  spots because of differing road conditions. Iceland is an exotic location for a photographer. The (usually) diffuse light produces fabulous muted colors in the landscapes. On both trips we had a small group of  participants from diverse backgrounds, but all serious photographers and fun to travel with.”

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