Ross Brown participated in the Iceland and Arctic Circle workshops. Below is a selection of his best work. Ross Brown was awarded Photographer of the Month, November 2016.

“Over the past few years I have been privileged to travel and explore the coast and mountains of Iceland and also further afield above the Arctic Circle in Sweden and Greenland. I have traveled with Better Moments on all these trips and each has been really well organized and have been definite highlights in my photographic journey. I have experienced the thrills of aerial photography over the Landmannalaugar mountains in Iceland with fantastic light conditions, and enjoyed sailing amongst giant Icebergs in Disko Bay. Better Moments has enabled me to visit locations I would have never dreamed of visiting by myself. Hans Strand has been an excellent workshop leader with a great sense of humour, ” says Ross.

He continues, “These remote, wild landscapes have been the inspiration for a recent exhibition “Nature’s Elements” where I explored the interplay between the elements of water, rock, and flora. Some photographs depicted vast perspectives of the landscape, and included aerial photography of meandering river deltas, whilst others focused on more intimate geological details.”

Ross lives in Northern England and his passion for photography grew out of a love of exploring the hills, moors and dales of the Lake District, Yorkshire and Scotland. He spent a number of years using a large format camera learning the importance of a meticulous workflow and balanced composition. Recently he has embraced the benefits of a digital workflow.

“For the majority of images it takes significant time and patience for the final image to be composed. Repeat visits can be necessary in order to become acquainted with the visual possibilities, and to realize the optimal light, tidal or wind conditions.” In terms of his work as a whole, he finds there are three key elements: the color and tones of autumnal flora, the flow and passage of water, and the detailed patterns in mountain and coastal geology. “I hope my images represent the sense of calmness and wonder which I have experienced and will provide inspiration to explore these remote landscapes.”

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