Peter Dorr participated in the Ethiopia Workshop 2017, the Silk Road Workshop 2017 and the India Workshop 2014. Peter Dorr won the Photographer of the Year 2017 – Silver Award for his ethereal interpretation of the Jiayuguan Fortress in China, taken on the Silk Road Workshop 2017. See examples of his work below. See the India film with Peter here.

Peter is a 55 year old passionated photographer from the Netherlands. Fueled by a wide range of interests, he shoots travel and journalism series with the same passion as when working on some very interesting studio techniques including high speed photography. His fashion and modeling series include dust, dancing, sports and even underwater photography. During a six month trip around the world he shot over 10.000 images, many of which are still used as travel stock images. Peter uses both Hasselblad digital and film cameras as well as Canon 1DX.

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