Niklas Nikitin was awarded Photographer of the Year 2015 Silver and Photographer of the Month, April 2015.

Niklas Nikitin from Sweden travelled with Better Moments two times in 2013 and participated in workshops in Abisko and in Iceland.  Niklas is originally from Grythyttan, but has long resided in Karlstad, where he works at Karlstad University as IT security coordinator. Photography is his main interest. He photographs preferably nature, animals as well as travel photography. He prefers though combination of these.

Niklas has been on several photography trips, including a trip to Antarctica, the Finnish-Russian border where he photographed bears and wolves, the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya and lastly Petra in Jordan.  One of his favorite motives in his local environment in the red-throated diver (Gavia stellata) at Knuthöjdsmossen just outside Hällefors.  His photos have been featured in Swedish newspapers and photo magazines, and he hasalso participated in exhibitions, both his own and together with other photographers.  According to Niklas, Better Moments is “A travel company that helps a photographer find the best places for stunning pictures. They include extras like a helicopter tour, which other companies do not include in the price.”

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