Mats Grimfoot was awarded Photographer Of The Month, October 2015.

Mats Grimfoot,who participated in the Svalbard 2014 workshop, is a biologist and ecologist with an education in nature photography led by Andy Horner. He is very active in his local photography community, having earned many awards as well as some Honorary Mentions in international organizations like FIAP, UPI and the Norwegian magazine Natur & Foto.

Mats has a great sense for story telling. And humor. Look at his images and experience how they suddenly talk to you. Try for example to connect these titles provided by Mats himself: “I don’t want to, the water is freezing!”, “Crash course for youngsters: How to fold your wings”, “Oh no, not another photographer…” and “Lack of photographers to eat”.

Visit his website to see more.

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