Laurent Guigue from Lambersart, France, participated in our Iceland and Scotland workshops 2017. Below is a selection of his work.

“The helicopter tour over Iceland was fantastic and is really a “must do” for any photographer. It’s always rewarding to realize that you are in the right place at the right moment and that you are lucky enough to watch something really special, an amazing landscape with amazing colours for example. Among these images, I like “Djupalonssandur beach” [top image], it was quite challenging to take a good picture in such bad weather conditions. It was raining, windy, there was sea spray and waves coming from everywhere, even from behind : actually the “best place” to put the tripod was a very small area surrounded by the sea, almost impossible to keep the feet dry. But I knew that this place was a good one. Anyway, we have to suffer a little to get the shot we want!”

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