Kees Van Straten was awarded Photographer of the Month, July 2015.

Kees Van Straten participated in the Iceland 2011 workshop, Söderåsen 2011 & 2012 workshops, Svalbard 2012 workshop and the Abisko 2013 workshop.  Kees from the Netherlands has travelled several times with Better Moments and has photographed in locations such as: Iceland, Söderåsen, Svalbard and Abisko National Park.

Kees states himself about his inspiration for photography: “We all know the cliché: “Photography is writing with light“. But before starting to write, one should look first, and above all, look differently. At shape, at colour and structure. Nature and landscapes provide me with the much-needed challenges in photography. After a lifetime in business, I am so happy to have this passion.”

“Thanks to Better Moments I went far north to Scandinavia, and even beyond the Arctic Circle, to Iceland, Svalbard and Lapland and found ice, mountains, canyons and beautiful streams and came back to the Lowlands with fascinating images. Apart from that I made new friends.”

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