John Eaton participated in Better Moments’ Silk Road 2017 Workshop.

He was born in Kent, England, during the war. After an academic career at The London Business School, he joined HP and eventually moved to Silicon Valley in California. Now retired, he lives on the coast in Santa Cruz.  “I had visited China several times previously and venturing along the Silk Road was high on my ‘bucket list’,” he says. “This turned out to be a ‘great adventure’ – one of the literal high-spots was being (temporarily!) detained by Chinese border guards on the China/Pakistan border, 15,400 feet up on the Karakoram Highway! Other highs were the dramatic fort at Jiayuguan; the beautiful dunes at the Dunhuang oasis; the Tajik people and their game of Buzkashi and the wedding; and, perhaps above all, the fascinating street life and people of Kashgar. All in all, an exhilarating, memorable adventure with a great group of people!!”

Enjoy a selection of his work below.

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