Jeff Grant, Australia, was awarded Photographer of the Year 2015 Gold and Photographer of the Month, August 2015.

“I’m delighted to have been voted Better-Moments Photographer of the Year. It’s a wonderful surprise. Better-Moments took me to outstandingly photogenic locations, particularly from the air. The images that I took over the river deltas of Iceland remain my favourite images from many years of photography. That flight presented me with the opportunity to bring together years of practice in an intense 45 minutes” – Jeff Grant.

Jeff Grant participated in the Iceland 2011 and 2013 workshop. He is a Sydney, Australia based photographer with an eye for intuitive compositions and patience for the “special moments when true beauty of a location appears briefly”. His work is truly captivating, not being afraid of trying something new and experimenting with different styles ranging from a great collection of black and whites, flowers, triptychs, his home landscapes and aerials of Iceland.

Many of the images on were taken with Hasselblad film and digital cameras. I now use a Nikon with Zeiss and adapted Leica lenses, and an Olympus EM 1. Time has caught up with me and the Hasselblad was just too heavy. Many of my images end up square. Years of shooting with film Hasselblads has left me very comfortable seeing compositions in squares. Equipment is always secondary, but I believe that I have the the best tools for my photography.

I hope that you enjoy the galleries. Any and all feedback is welcome. I constantly strive to improve my rendering of the world around me.

Visit Jeff´ website: 

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