Derrick Hsiao from Taipei in Taiwan participated in our 2017 Silk Road Workshop.

Since the age of 12 he has participated in various international photography workshops. Starting out with an interest in culturally-oriented subjects, a visit to Iceland ignited his love of landscape photography. He is also proficient in aerial photography.

“What motivates me the most about photography is the many forms of storytelling it can create. As an avid aerial videographer, filming a landscape from above can often tell a completely different and intriguing story, ” says Derrick Hsiao.

About the Milky Way shot (below), he says: “This shot was taken at Tashkurgan on the western border of China. Two fellow participants and I decided to take our chances at night photography. We were instantly awed by the vast, expansive scenery of the Milky Way with the underlying mountain in the foreground. It was hands down one of the best experiences from the trip.”

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