Achim Dittrich participated in the Greenland – Into the Ice Cap 2017 workshop.

Here he explains how he developed his passion for photography: “I have a passion for nature since I was little. During my university time in 1986, I did a hike in the Sarek national park which was an exceptional place and the view from the top of the Skjerfe over the Rapadalen is something I always remember. It was also there where photography fascinated me and I pursued it as a hobby from there on. Later my job as a project manager left me little time and I also wanted to wait until digital photography had matured so it took until 2011 when I started with photography again and ever since then I am doing it very passionately. Most of the images which I sent can also be found on my web site (”

About the Greenland trip, Achim says: “The workshop on Greenland was indeed exceptional. The rock from where you overlook the icefjord is simply a magic place in the arctic light at night.”

Below is a selection of his best work.

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