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To travel and explore is also a question of getting off the beaten track and leaving the famous comfort zone behind you.

Our Namibia Workshops are your chance to explore the unknown and capture amazing people and landscapes along your way at ease together with a small passionate group of friends.

With great hope to see you and travel with you,

Christian Nørgaard
Better Moments founder & CEO

Photo by Better Moments

Are you looking for an unforgettable African experience?


Photo by Christian Nørgaard

Photo by Tom D. Jones
Namibia – Into The Wild
with Christian Nørgaard
(9 – 19 Nov 2022)
Namibia – Spirit Of The Desert
with Tom D. Jones
(21 – 28 Nov 2022)

Here is an exclusive chance to combine the two Namibia workshops for one memorable trip

Combining Namibia – Into The Wild and Namibia – Spirit Of The Desert gives you ample opportunities to bring together your passion for portrait and landscape photography and expand your skills to the next level. The untamed ever-changing landscapes and the nomadic lifestyle of the indigenous tribes will sure make your Namibia adventure a memorable experience.

Into the wild Namibia - A himba girl is portrayed in her family's clay house where soft daylight is coming in from the doorway
Photo by Christian Nørgaard

Begin your adventure Namibia – Into the Wild with Christian Nørgaard to visit the indigenous tribes and their villages, photograph them inside their tiny clay houses, and spend days in their villages to follow their daily lives and experience their traditions.


  • – Learn about portrait photography techniques in desolate surroundings.
  • – Get up close and personal to the indigenous tribes, like Himba and the San Peoples and spend time in their village experiencing their daily lives.
  • – Two days of high-end wildlife photography at Etosha National Park.
  • – Learn the secret behind landscape photography.
  • – Visit the local church to photograph and experience the locals.

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Take a sneak peek at the ‘Namibia – Into the Wild’ workshop

black and white sand dunes
Photo by Tom D. Jones

Then kick off the 8-day Namibia – Spirit of The Desert adventure with expert Tom D. Jones to explore some of the highest dunes, colourful salt pans, spectacular rock formations, colonial architecture, and stunning coastline.

And the cherry on top? It is a Better Moments EXPLORER workshop, so you will get to use Phase One’s XT camera system for free.


  • – In the Night Photography Workshop, you will shoot the Milky Way and stars from Spitzkoppe.
  • – Guided quad bike adventure to explore the Namib desert in Swakopmund.
  • – Explore one of the most iconic and photogenic places on earth – Deadvlei.
  • – Climb up to catch the first sun rays over the giant Dune 45.
  • – Optional helicopter aerial photography.

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Meet our passionate photographer Brad Olch who shares his first-hand experience from the Namibia – Spirit Of The Desert workshop.

Should you have any questions about combining the two Namibia Workshops, just Ask Us

Young Falcon and a young eagle hunter in Mongolia
Photo by Hamid Sardar

Mongolia – The Eagle Hunters of the Altai 9 days of adventure with expert Hamid Sardar

Are you ready for an epic adventure? Join our Mongolia Photography Workshop with Hamid Sardar, to discover eagle hunting, explore the rolling steppe and immerse yourself in the culture of the Mongolian nomads and learn more about their everyday lives.


  • – Spend time with the fascinating Eagle Hunters, learn about their culture and witness first hand how they capture, train and finally release the birds – while taking captivating photos of both hunters and eagles.
  • – Join a feast in a traditional Mongolian yurt.
  • – Discover Mongolia’s hidden gem – Khatuu Mountain
  • – Witness Nadaam celebrations – Mongolia’s national festival
  • – Observe archers, wrestlers, horse fiddle players and contortionists while they show their skills and capture beautiful and unique images.
  • – Immerse yourself in the culture of the Mongolian nomads and learn more about their everyday life.

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In the latest blog post, Christian presents a short video clip about why creating the right light is essential when making his portrait photography around the globe. Read the full story



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