Namibia is a true bucket list destination!

Namibia is a true bucket list destination! From the ever-changing landscapes to deep cultural tradition, it is one of my favourite places in the world. I created two unique workshops Namibia – Spirit Of The Desert and Into The Wild especially for you to experience some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Here’s an exclusive chance to combine the 2 workshops in 1 trip, for you to pursue your passion for portrait and landscape photography. I look forward to sharing this memorable and authentic experience with you.

Grab the chance now!

Christian Nørgaard
Better Moments founder & CEO

sand forms different texture in Namibia by Tom D. Jones
Photo by Tom D. Jones

2 Namibia workshops = 1 trip

Photo by Christian Nørgaard

Photo by Tom D. Jones

If you´re looking to check off as many destinations as you can in Namibia, why not experience more of this fascinating country in one trip?

Combining our two workshops, Namibia – Into The Wild and Namibia – Spirit Of The Desert gives you many opportunities to bring together your passion for portrait and landscape photography and to expand your skills to the next level. You will explore the untamed ever-changing landscapes and discover the nomadic lifestyle of the indigenous tribes.

Begin your adventure Into The Wild (9 – 19 Nov 2022) to get up close and personal with the local tribes like the Himba and the San peoples and gain an insight into their way of life. On the last day, you will return to Walvis Bay to get ready to kick off the Spirit Of The Desert (21 – 28 Nov 2022). You will visit the sand dunes, cracked clay valleys, shoot night sky photography and desert aerial photography.

If you are looking for an unforgettable African experience, Namibia has no shortage of unparalleled beautiful landscapes to make this workshop a memorable experience. Don’t miss this great opportunity!


Namibia – Into The Wild
9-19 Nov 2022
Deadvlei with skeletal trees and cracked ground
Namibia – Spirit Of The Desert
21-28 Nov 2022
– Learn about portrait photography techniques in desolate surroundings.

– Go hunting together with the San Peoples and spend a day in their village following their daily lives.

– Two days of high-end wildlife photography at Etosha National Park.

– Learn the secret behind the landscape photography.

– Visit local church to photograph and experience the locals.

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– In the Night Photography Workshop, you will shoot the Milky Way and stars from Spitzkoppe.

– Guided quad bike adventure to explore the Namib desert in Swakopmund.

– Explore one of the most iconic and photogenic places on earth – Deadvlei.

– Climb up to catch the first sun rays over the giant Dune 45

– Optional helicopter aerial photography

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Meet our experts:


Christian Nørgaard, the founder of Better Moments, is a highly experienced travel and portrait photographer. He has travelled extensively across the African continent, and one of his focuses has always been the local tribes. Nørgaard has been to Namibia many times, and this workshop is the result of several years of research and discovery of the country’s graceful beauty within.

Tom D. Jones is famous for his fine art photography, for which he has received numerous awards, for example, the European Fine Art Photographer Of The Year 2009. He’s part of the prestigious association Master Qualified European Photographer, and in 2012 he distinguished himself with the well deserved Hasselblad Master Award 2012 in Landscape/Nature.


Should you have any questions about the Namibia Workshops, just Ask Us or Read More about the workshop.


A sneak peek at the Namibia – Into The Wild workshop

Meet our passionate photographer Brad Olch who shares his first-hand experience from the Namibia – Spirit Of The Desert



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