March News Update – Spirit of the Desert

Namibia is one of the few places in the world where you can – almost – touch the Milky Way. I am enthusiastic about inviting you and your loved ones on this unique and extraordinary journey to the country where culture and nature merge into amazing sceneries.

In a few words, don’t miss this unique chance to touch the stars.

Christian Nørgaard
Better Moments founder & CEO

Photo by Tom D. Jones

Namibia – Spirit of The Desert 21-28 November 2022

Located in southwestern Africa, Namibia is an ideal destination for photographers looking for an unforgettable African experience.

We invite you to join us on the 8-day adventure with expert Tom D. Jones to explore Namibia. From the shifting sand dunes, cracked clay valleys and night sky photography to desert aerial photography, the effortlessly beautiful landscapes with an unparalleled blaze of colours make this Namibia workshop a memorable experience.

namibia workhop cracked ground form geometric patterns
Photo by Tom D. Jones

Highlights of the Namibia Workshop:


Night Photography Workshop to shoot the Milky Way and stars in Spitzkoppe. Day 1, 2 – The lack of light pollution makes Namibia the ideal place for night sky photography and stargazing. In the Night Photography Workshop, you will shoot the Milky Way and stars from Spitzkoppe.
guided quad bike adventure to explore the Namib desert in Swakopmund Day 3 – To feel the freedom of riding through one of nature’s great wildernesses, we will take you on a 90 minutes guided quad bike adventure to explore the Namib desert in Swakopmund.
aerial photography in Nambia Optional helicopter aerial photography offers you opportunities to fly over the coast of Shipwrecks (Day 3) and dune landscape in Swakopmund (Day 4) and Sossusvlei (Day 5).
Deadvlei with skeletal trees and cracked ground Day 6 – Explore one of the most iconic and photogenic places on earth – Deadvlei, a clay pan where the skeletal trees and cracked ground form some fascinating geometric patterns.
Dune 45 in Namibia Day 7 – Climb up to catch the first sun rays over the giant Dune 45, an awe-inspiring 85-meter high sand dune, and capture the panoramic views of Dune Valley.




Spitkoppen Lodge Strand Hotel Swakopmund
A: Spitkoppen Lodge – located near the spectacular
700 million old granite rocks, is a private 5-star
hotel at Spitzkoppe.
B: Strand Hotel Swakopmund is a social epicentre
surrounded by ocean on three sides.
Dead Valley Lodge Am Weinberg Estate's Boutique Hotel
C: Dead Valley Lodge – situated next to the main
entrance gate inside the Namib-Naukluft
National Park.
D: Am Weinberg Estate’s Boutique Hotel – Opened
in 2018, it is a world-class luxury hotel situated in
the heart of Windhoek.

map with hotel locations for Namibia workshop
Namibia map: The hotel locations are marked on the map.


We can help you arrange a stay-behind in Namibia, and please write to us in advance.

Should you have any questions about the Greenland Workshop, just Ask Us or Read More about the workshop.

Expert Tom D Jones brings you to explore Namibia Meet our Expert

Tom D. Jones is famous for his fine art photography, for which he has received numerous awards, for example, the European Fine Art Photographer Of The Year 2009. He’s part of the prestigious association Master Qualified European Photographer, and in 2012 he distinguished himself with the well deserved Hasselblad Master Award 2012 in Landscape/Nature.

Better Moments Namibia catalogue Read more

Click and read the Namibia Catalogue with the complete itinerary and spectacular photos.

black and white skeletal trees in Deadvlei

Behind the scenes:

Meet our passionate photographer Brad Olch from the United States and watch the behind the scenes footage from our aerial photography session and some of the locations you will visit during the Namibia workshop.

Guide to Aerial Photography

What is the advantage of a helicopter over an aeroplane? What do you need to pay attention to during the flight? How do you get the best results out of your aerial adventure? You will find all the answers in our Guide to Aerial Photography

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