March News Update – Mongolia

There is no other place on earth quite like Mongolia to experience the raw culture. Untamed with breath-taking landscapes, the Land Of The Blue Sky is best explored with an expert guide. I can´t think of a more prominent expert than Hamid Sadar, a good friend, renowned photographer, documentarist, and scholar. You will experience Mongolia while being truly inspired to make passionate photography.

Christian Nørgaard
Better Moments founder & CEO

Young Falcon and a young eagle hunter in Mongolia
Photo by Hamid Sadar

Mongolia – The Eagle Hunters
19-28 November 2022

If you have been thinking of a one-of-a-kind photography exploration, you´re in for a wonderful treat. Mongolia, exotic and traditional, promises a truly unique experience. Rugged with untamed landscapes, you´ll capture shots of the rolling steppe, discover the Kazakh eagle hunting culture, learn the daily life of a Nomad family, and have a chance to sleep in a yurt.

Experience all these through our Mongolia Photography Workshop, led by documentary filmmaker and photographer Hamid Sadar. Hamid will guide you to explore and capture iconic landscapes, hidden valleys, wildlife encounters and people rituals. Exploration photography is not just about taking shots but also a learning opportunity to uncover the DNA of a land and its people and letting it become the guiding principle in our art.

Are you ready for your epic adventure? Start planning now.

Boy with the eagle in Mongolian mountain background by Hamid Sardar
Photo by Hamid Sadar

Highlights of the Mongolia Workshop:

Eagle Hunters how they capture, train, and finally release the eagles Spend time with the fascinating Eagle Hunters, learn about their culture and witness first-hand how they capture, train, and finally release the birds.
dinner with the local hunters in a traditional Mongolian yurt Have dinner with the local hunters in a traditional Mongolian yurt – a nomadic way of living unchanged through the centuries.
Mongolia’s hidden gem Khatuu Mountain Discover Mongolia’s hidden gem Khatuu Mountain and explore the rough hills and deep-cut gorges of the majestic Khatuu valley.
Experience the traditional Naadam celebration Mongolia Experience a mini, traditional and colorful Naadam celebration at the campground. Nadaam is Mongolia’s national festival and a sophisticated and eloquent expression of its Nomadic culture.
Fiddle Dance Duo Mongolia Capture uniquely beautiful images of archers, wrestlers, house fiddle players, and contortionists displaying their skills.


Map for Mongolia workshop itineary cities
Map of Mongolia Workshop

Should you have any questions about the Greenland Workshop, just Ask Us or Read More about the workshop.

Hamid Sardar portrait Meet our Expert

Renowned photographer, documentarist and scholar, Hamid Sardar, has a Ph.d. in Inner Asian Studies from Harvard University. His work has been featured in National Geographic, Le Figaro and Paris Match. He has produced several internationally acclaimed documentaries about the nomads of Mongolia.

Better Moments Mongolia catalogue workshop Read more

Click and read the Mongolia Catalogue with the complete itinerary and spectacular photos.

Mongolian eagle hunter on horseback
Photo by Hamid Sadar

Better Moments Webinar:

For years, Hamid Sardar has traveled Mongolia extensively, meeting and living with nomads to learn about their intriguing way of life. In this webinar, he shares photos and stories from his encounters with the famous eagle hunters, wise shamans, horse whisperers, traditional wrestlers, and many more.

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