June News Update – An Epic Adventure to East Asia 19-28 November 2022

It’s so exciting that Mongolia has fully opened its borders to international travellers.

We invite you to join our Mongolia Photography Workshop led by Hamid Sardar. Hamid will guide you on an adventure to capture shots of the rolling steppe, discover the Kazakh eagle hunting culture, learn the daily life of a Nomad family, and have a chance to sleep in a yurt.

Christian Nørgaard
Better Moments founder & CEO

Better Moments Mongolia workshop - a man and a Gobi bear
Photo by Hamid Sardar

Mongolia – An Epic Adventure to East Asia 19-28 November 2022

If you are looking to visit and photograph a place off the beaten path, Mongolia would be the perfect destination.   It is known for its vast areas of unspoiled beauty as the raw wilderness within Mongolia such as the expansive steppes, the waterfalls, and the rugged mountains are relatively untouched.

Located in East Asia, Mongolia is a landlocked country that shares its borders with Russia to the north and China to the south. It is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries.

Our Mongolia workshop, led by the Harvard scholar and filmmaker Hamid Sardar, will take you on an adventure to the untouched landscapes of Mongolia. You will have the opportunity to photograph the Nomadic tribes, soak up some local culture, meet eagle hunters, shamans and contortionists, sleep in a yurt and witness the celebration of the Naadam festival.


Better Moments Mongolia workshop - eagle hunter on horseback with eagle on his arm.
Photo by Hamid Sardar

Highlights of the Mongolia Workshop:


Mongolian boy with hat standing in front of a white horse
Photo by Hamid Sardar
Kobesh, a kazakh shepherd takes time of from his flock to train with his hunting eagle. Deloun district, Olgii Province, Mongolia, 2010.
Photo by Hamid Sardar
Experience the nomadic way of life that includes a stay in a traditional yurt, celebrate the Mongolian national festival and watch ancient nomadic games etc. Follow the eagle hunters, learn about their culture and witness first-hand how they capture, train, and finally release the eagles.
Mongolia’s hidden gem Khatuu Mountain
Photo by Hamid Sardar
A local man and a boy at horse fiddle workshop
Photo by Hamid Sardar
Discover Mongolia’s hidden gem Khatuu Mountain and explore the rough hills and deep-cut gorges of the majestic Khatuu valley. Follow the eagle hunters, learn about their culture and witness first-hand how they capture, train, and finally release the eagles.

Map for Mongolia workshop itineary cities
Map of Mongolia Workshop

Should you have any questions about the Greenland Workshop, just Ask Us or Read More about the workshop.

Meet our Expert

Renowned photographer, documentarist and scholar, Hamid Sardar, has a Ph.d. in Inner Asian Studies from Harvard University. His work has been featured in National Geographic, Le Figaro and Paris Match. He has produced several internationally acclaimed documentaries about the nomads of Mongolia.

Better Moments Mongolia workshop catalogue with front page open Read more

Click and read the Mongolia Catalogue with the complete itinerary and spectacular photos.

Protrait of mongolian woman with silk scarf wrapped her hair
Photo by Hamid Sardar

Better Moments Webinar:

For years, Hamid Sardar has traveled Mongolia extensively, meeting and living with nomads to learn about their intriguing way of life. In this webinar, he shares photos and stories from his encounters with the famous eagle hunters, wise shamans, horse whisperers, traditional wrestlers, and many more.

Christian Nørgaard’s Blog

Better Moments Donates “The Namibia Himba Woman” For A Meaningful Cause

In our latest blog post, we have the pleasure to talk with Lisbeth Monéton, one of our fellow workshop travelers and the founder of A Wish for Humanity, a foundation that supports women-led charities that raise awareness for education and empowerment of women and children projects.

She shares with us the stories behind her initiative and how she connects art and philanthropy. “As we are both fascinated by Christian Nørgaard’s beautiful works of art, we asked if he wanted to help us, and he generously donated an amazing photograph, “The Namibia Himba Woman, which is sold in Limited Edition, for the Art Shop.” Lisbeth says.

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The founder Lisbeth Monéton (left) and Theresa Brown (right) of A Wish for Humanity.
The founder Lisbeth Monéton (left) and Theresa Brown (right) of A Wish for Humanity.

Exclusive Portrait by Steve McCurry

Award-winning photojournalist Steve McCurry

For the first time ever, Better Moments and Steve McCurry are offering every guest of our Thailand Workshop 2023 to have their portrait taken by Steve himself. The portrait will be sent to you after the workshop.

Don’t miss out this unique opportunity to travel Bangkok with Steve McCurry to explore your passion for photography.

Thailand – Krung Thep
with Steve McCurry
Date: 12-20 February, 2023

Only a few seats left!

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