Join us on the most elusive continent in the world: Antarctica

Join us on the most elusive continent in the world: Antarctica 
Having the twin distinctions of being both the Southernmost continent as well as the only uninhabited continent of the world, Antarctica is surely one of the final frontiers.
For this very reason we’re beyond excited to add this destination to our ever-expanding roster!The workshop is expected to take place in November 2024 and will offer an impressive 21-day long journey by ship. We recommend arriving a day early to prepare for the trip.
A map detailing the journey
A preliminary itinerary will be as follows:

– We take off from Ushuaia in Argentina and journey for our first stop on the road to Argentina: The Falkland Islands

– From there, we continue to South Georgia Island, that boasts a denser concentration of wildlife per square feet than anywhere else in the world during its high season.
Here, you’ll experience the equally majestic elephant seals and king penguins, to name a few.

– Finally, we reach our destination: Wondrous Antarctica.

– A majestic king penguin with a halo of sunlight
– Dueling enormous elephant seals
– A pod of whales breaching
If you’d like to pre-book your seat on this workshop, don’t hesitate to contact us via the button below:
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– 21 days

– Departure from Ushuaia in early November 2024

– Stops at The Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island

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