Final call if you want to save €1500 on the Faces of Cuba workshop!

All photos by Arne Hodalic

Cuba is like no other place in the Caribbean. Its rich, well-known history and long-standing traditions make for a truly unique workshop site, one that is a whopping €1500 off if you reserve your spot before the 1st of February, 2023.
The workshop takes place from the 29th of October until the 7th of November, during which renowned photographer Arne Hodalic will show you the hidden gems of both the vibrant capital of Havana as well as other cities. Rest assured that this trip will be a memorable one. Act fast and reserve your spot now!







The intimate group size of 8-12 people allows for competent one-on-one feedback whilst still being able to share experiences and your photography amongst yourselves on the trip. Don’t miss out!

If you wish to know more about expert Arne Hodalic, here’s a webinar he did on our behalf detailing his work for National Geographic.

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