Christian Nørgaard is the founder and CEO of Better Moments.
In the year 2012, Christian came up with the idea for what was at the time a brand new way of combining photography and travel. Fed up with the lacklustre selection available on the market, he created Better Moments, a high-end travel photography company that combined the luxury of a all expenses paid vacation with the tutoring of some of the best photographers in the world.
Today, Better Moments spans more than 25 workshops in over 10 countries and boasts a number of experts with distinct specialties.

Christian himself is no stranger to photography, however, having worked for numerous years as an photographer for international newspapers, magazines and ad agencies.

Additionally, Christian Nørgaard has premiered his own work in various exhibitions as well as curated photo exhibitions for the likes of David Lynch, Dennis Hopper, Steve McCurry (the latter of which he works closely with on workshops to this day), Marco Grob and a careful selection of National Geographic photographers, to name a few.

The aim of Better Moments is to be the prime purveyor of unique destinations that mark the perfect environments to capture breathtaking photography.
His other platform, Photo Exploring, offers guided tours in a variety of different capitals around the world by local, seasoned guides. The core concept is just the same as that of Better Moments, namely to explore and capture unique photography around the world, with the aid of the best possible experts you could ask for.

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