Blast from the past: Workshop Review by François Côté

Passionate photographer François Côté first joined one of our photography workshops in 2016. For Better Moments’ 10th birthday, François shared his experience traveling with us.

Greenland graveyard by Francois Cote

The Gravedigger, Ilulissat session, Greenland, 2016 | Photo: François Côté

Two wonderful weeks in Greenland

I first met Christian at the Copenhagen airport in August 2016. We were flying to Greenland. I was on sabbatical at the time and had decided to go with Better Moment  to a country that I had first visited in 2013. I hoped that by joining a group, I’d get to have a whole new experience. I was not disappointed! We had two wonderful weeks with the guys from Hasselblad. Between sea trips and helicopter flights, we were able to take full advantage of our time in this larger-than-life place.


by Francois Cote

Adventures of a serial traveler

I have traveled with Christian every year since — Norway, Tibet, Svalbard. We last saw each other at the same Copenhagen airport in the fall of 2019. It was during the baggage handlers’ strike and all the equipment that had been loaned to us by Phase One was lost with tons of other luggage, loose in a chaotic airport. Since Christian is still leading trips, I take it for granted that all was recovered. Still, we did not know then what awaited us in March 2020 …

Incredible adventures with inspiring photographers

Better Moment allowed me to meet several photographers, including Sissi, Tom, Anders and many others with whom I am always happy to be reunited. We have all shared incredible adventures, from countryside hotels without heating, to multicoloured night skies of the far north, up to being rescued by the Norwegian coast guard off the coast of the Nordvest-Spitsbergen Island. Hanging out with all these guys, each with their own style and technique, has been an important source of inspiration. I am happy to be part of such a community.

We’ll just have to be a little patient until we can plan another trip together, hopefully soon. Longue Vie Better Moments!

Lofoten by Francois Cote

Never More. Lofoten, 2017 | Photo: François Côté

The next Better Moments Greenland workshop will take place 8-15 May 2023. Updates will first be announced to our newsletter list. If you aren’t signed up yet, you can do so here.

Head to the workshop page to learn more about our adventure to incredible Greenland.


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