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Better Moments would like to inspire you regardless of distance and skills. All you need is to share our Passion for Photography. Our Better Moments experts are worldwide acclaimed photographers and they would like to share their passion and knowledge, inspire you with their best work and help you become a better photographer.

Despite the current situation around coronavirus, we would like to keep inspiring you via high-end online lectures hosted by our Better Moments experts. On our free online webinars photographers such as Hamid Sardar, Sisse Brimberg, Tom D. Jones, and Arne Hodalic will take you behind the scenes of their travels and share their best advice on photography. Moreover, you can meet your mentor during an exclusive one-on-one portfolio review.

Meet the Eagle Hunters of the Altai | Photos: Hamid Sarda

Learn about aerial photography | Photos: Christian Nørgaard

Every skill level is welcome

These are dark times for all of us and we thought about how we could bring a bit of light into them. Luckily, we are working together with great experts – Hasselblad Masters, acclaimed photojournailsts and National Geographic photographers – who would like to invite you to join a series of exclusive online lectures.

You can look forward to lectures about travel & portrait photography, traveling with flash equipment, and the secrets of landscape photography. We will take you on a virtual journey to Mongolia’s remote steppe, the desolate arctic regions, South-East Asia’s monasteries and Ethiopia’s indigenous tribes.

To see a list of our current webinars, go here: Better Moments webinars

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