Bangkok behind the scenes

Rarely has one city offered a more diverse plethora of photo opportunities. Whether it’s the massive, bustling street markets, old Buddhist monasteries or state-of-the-art architecture, Bangkok has something for everyone. Both founder Christian Nørgaard and our renowned expert Steve McCurry know this, and as such, the workshop was a roaring success. What else could you expect with two seasoned veterans curating it?
Have a look at some behind-the-scenes photos and see for yourself:

A look behind the scenes of our Bangkok workshop

Jonathan Mortimer photographing a monk waiting for a train at Bangkok Central Station

This picture illustrates how the workshop teaches portrait photography
Péter Simon, Charles Walker and Jean-Francois practicing portrait photography on a statue
An example of how to capture portraits on our workshops
A monk reading at a train station. Captured by Christian Nørgaard
This illustrates how Steve teaches on our workshops
Steve McCurry teaches the group on site at Bangkok
This shows how portrait photos are done on a smartphone
Steve McCurry uses a smartphone to capture a portrait of Francis Donnelly
Bepar to four story

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