“I don’t divide my time between work and leisure. I just live.”

Arne Hodalič grew up and studied biology in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After finishing university, he worked for five years as a professional sailing boat skipper and diver and had his own charter company on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. Here, He began taking photos, mostly of boats, diving and nautical activities. His first trip to India in 1989 changed his professional career when his photos were published in a prestigious Swiss magazine, Animan. He received more than 20 assignments from the magazine and travelled extensively around the world with his camera. In Paris, he joined the Gamma press agency and began working for French press as a member of several photo agencies. He was a member and organizer of several expeditions; he crossed Papua New Guinea in a dug-out canoe on the Sepik river (1500 kms), he crossed the Sudan desert from Khartoum to Egypt on the Nile river in a small boat, and he was the photographer for a French and Slovene caving expedition in Hunan (China) and Tawi Atayr (Oman), to name a few. His photos and photo stories have appeared in National Geographic Magazine, Life (USA), Time, Figaro Magazine, GEO, Paris Match, Marie Claire, VSD, Die Zeit, Cosmopolitan, Stern, Liberation, Grands Reportages, Nature, and many others.

In 2008, he received an honorary doctorate at the Academy of Arts and Design / University of Ljubljana and became a lecturer in photography and photojournalism at FDV (Faculty of Social Sciences) University of Ljubljana and at VIST (Visoka šola za storitve) in Ljubljana. He is currently the photo editor of National Geographic Magazine (Slovene edition). Arne Hodalič is a Nikon ambassador.

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