Since 1989, Andreas H. Bitesnich has devoted himself exclusively to photography and has been represented in group exhibitions and solo exhibitions worldwide in renowned galleries and museums such as the Museum for Decorative Arts and Crafts in Hamburg or the Kunsthaus Wien. Moreover, his works have been published in numerous illustrated books.

Bitesnich captures moments of indescribable beauty. In his successful artistic work, he uses his unmistakeable textures to create his famous nude photographs, numerous national and international advertising campaigns as well as portraits of famous contemporary figures such as Anthony Quinn, Jane Goodall, Bob Geldorf or Reinhold Messner.

With his travel reports, the fine art photographer depicts movingly beautiful landscape settings and once again proves how versatile his photographic oeuvre is. Through this photographic journey through India, Andreas H. Bitesnich created fascinating images, revealing many facets of this intricate, densely populated country. His photographs show Indian culture, faith, heritage, landmarks, cities, and wildlife, as well as its everyday life and ancient monuments.

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