An intimate tour of Greenland

This illustrates how Better Moments' workshops captures light on Greenland
A sunset over the ice fjords by Christian Nørgaard

On Top of the World with PHASE ONE

No one places captures the feeling of being at a final frontier in quite the same way as Greenland. The immensity of the barren ice caps, the un-spoiled air and light, and the seemingly endless stretches of white makes for a truly unforgettable experience and a must for any landscape photographer willing to brave the harsh, unforgiving climate. At Better Moments, we pride ourselves on being some of the first to offer photography workshops on the largest island in the world, and our next foray into the icy North, this time with Tom D. Jones and founder of Better Moments, Christian Nørgaard, is sure to be an unforgettable one.
But why stop there?
It is, after all, a photography workshop, so naturally you’ll get to test out some new gear, namely:
All participants will be given unfiltered access to this state-of-the-art equipment as well as instructions on how to maximize its potential from both expert Tom D. Jones as well as founder of Better Moments, Christian Nørgaard.
Whether it’s on the helicopter aerial photography workshop above the Disko Bay, up-and-close photography of the massive ice bergs, or nighttime photography of the Inuit village of Illulissat, you’ll have an unprecedented opportunity to better your skills with the best tools on the market.

This is to illustrate different conditions of shooting in Greenland
A misty morning by the ice bergs of Greenland by Tom D. Jones

David Miury – Passionate participant

Here’s what one of our previous participants had to say about working with Tom D. Jones as well as using PHASE ONE equipment.

See what Jim has to say about his experience as well.



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