Explore the United Kingdom’s outstanding natural beauty with Hasselblad Master Lars van de Goor.

Join us for a journey through the magical, ancient landscape of Devon, Wiltshire and Hampshire to discover their finest forests, ablaze with vibrant autumnal colors as the leaves turn red and gold. Discover southern England’s deep wooded valleys and mystical forests to photograph mighty oaks and lofty beeches. Capture its rivers, shrouded in early morning mist, and the dew-drenched cobwebs glistering in the early morning light.

It truly is a place that teases and tantalizes the imagination of every landscape photographer and tree-lover.

“If you are a tree and rural landscape lover, then you will enjoy every spot that we go to. Forest photography is quite a different discipline, so you will learn how to deal with that. At the end of the workshop, you will be loaded with information which will keep you going for a while. I will get to know you better during those days and will help you to find your own style, if that’s what you want of course. It’s also a good occasion to bend the rules and see what your limits are and how to challenge yourself a bit, if you’re up for it” – Lars van de Goor

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